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Digital Frontrunner Roundtable VII

  • BeCentral Brussels (map)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: A multi-disciplinary / multi-stakeholder half-day conversation

The promise of AI and Machine Learning

Software and machines that can see and distinguish objects, people, and animals, understand and translate speech, read scientific literature, and solve complex problems, are poised to enter our lives. Whether running software or animating robots Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning promise radical change in sectors such as medicine, education, elderly care, transport and manufacturing. Like previous revolutions—printing, electricity, the combustion engine, transistors, computers and the internet—AI and Machine Learning will augment and disrupt the world of work. They will turbocharge some jobs and replace others. They will also create new industries that call for workers with skills that do not yet exist. Policymakers must start thinking now about how to realise the potential for AI and Machine Learning to increase economic productivity and to improve the lives of millions—especially people in the developing world. What should they do to encourage the adoption of these technologies? And can they legitimately do so without also responding to their potential negative impact? The downside for some—who may lose their livelihood. And the dark side—that AI and Machine Learning could enable discrimination or economic exclusion?

The Roundtable

The roundtable will begin with three 15-minute talks. The first by Anna Ukhanova, Technical Program Manager, Google Research Europe, the second by Marco Vivarelli, one of the world’s leading economists specialising on the interrelationship between innovation, employment and skills, and the third by Erik Mannens, Professor at the Data Science Lab and CTO, Data Science at iMinds. Following this, all participants will take part in a moderated discussion.

Places at this event are limited. If you would like to attend then please contact: